Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the future that matters

hello people, well, we meet again.
so right now, i'm just gonna spilling out what's just flashed gone through my brain.

one day, my sister told me,
"if you wanna live with the right guy for the rest of your life, make sure that he is the super wise guy, or the super jerk guy."
"why is that? why should i pick this, super jerk guy?" i ask her.

i mean, let's see.
jerk; [jurk] Slang . a contemptibly naive, fatuous, foolish, or inconsequential person.
we all know, from the definition of jerk, we all have different kind of pictures in our brain for sure.
a person that make all of us pissed off.
a bad-tempered person
a flirting drunk person touching your body
a cocky person who showed everything he/she had in front of you
blablabla yadda yadda you name it.

and then, she began to tell me why.
"because, you'll never know when will the wise guy quit from his wise-ness. maybe someday, the wise guy will flirt with some girls, boozing on alcohol, smoking weed, partying all night, blablabla. because the way i see it, people that is really nice, can be really jerk at the same time. or.....vice versa! you'll never know that when will the super jerk guy will quit from his jerk-ness. somehow, maybe one day you're the one, who make him quit his from his jerk-ness."

since my sister told me about this, i begin to see that. and it's really, OBVIOUS AND CLEAR.
well i'm not kidding because, the one that i used to see as a, wise + nice guy, becomes a cocky and the one who likes to party all night! geez, i like the old you, man! too bad you're changing. what a pity.

and she added
"but then, lucky you if you found the suuuuuper wise guy. you might be the luckiest girl on earth. well good luck. guys like that are soooo rare."
yes it is. i can see that.

and then one day, i found this picture

do you know who he is? he is ricky gervais.
one of the funniest (plus,) the most jerk guy i've ever seen in the television. and to me, those sentences was true. it is important to be kind rather than clever + good looking. kindness does matters.

well that's it for now. i hope you guys keeping your kindness deep down in you
i love you all
with all my heart,
the one who keeping her kindness.

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