Sunday, October 7, 2012


everytime you're watching a normal-teen-life movies, you'll find out that the main character has the same problem, over and over again. i bet it all consists of this problem(s):

  1. boys
  2. boys
  3. boys
  4. boys
  5. friends
  6. family
  7. school
  8. school
  9. school
  10. graduation
  11. future
  12. future
  13. future is in his/her frikkin handddddd
  14. future
  15. happy life
  16. but we don't know yet
well guess what, it all happens to me. so the conclusion is that, i had the same problem. but hey, i got no problem with friends. friends are okay, boys are.............ummm also okay *blush*

but most of those problems come from these 2 words.
so if i list all of my problems, maybe it will come out like this:
  1. school
  2. school
  3. school
  4. school
  5. school
  6. school
  7. parents and their directions of my future
  8.'s MY future
  9. future
  10. future
  11. future
  12. future
  13. UGH
  14. NO
  15. STAHP.
well, i'm a 12th grader now. i handle so much shit, you don't want to know. welcome to the (almost) end of high school life.

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